What People Say

It’s good to know a bit about how a person is to work with before you start.  Here’s what people say about working with me…

As a Health Coach ~ As a Coach MentorZee’s ‘Uhane Flow Training

Health Coach

“Zee zeros in very quickly to the core of the issue. She allows time to express the issue and then moves into a solution or tools I can use in my everyday life to move forward. I am so grateful for our sessions and what I have learned and will continue to grow. I think a lot of people could benefit from her style of coaching and get quick results!” ~ Susan H.

“Zee is the rockstar of coaches! She has wealth of knowledge in a vast array of areas and can help you with just about any area. If she doesn’t have the answer, she finds the resource. I have never worked with a more efficient, effective, skillful and empathetic coach. Zee helps individuals and groups going above and beyond measure. I will continue to reach out to Zee as resource! Thanks Zee for all you do!” ~ Pamela S.

“The class with Zee truly helped me explore within myself and expand on ideas I had never thought of for me personally and professionally. Her guidance is incredible and she gives you the space and time to allow for the ideas to come through. I would highly recommend her.” ~ K. Smith

“I love working with Zee. I have worked with her in a group training setting and one-on-one setting.  Zee uses her active listening skills to make sure you find the root causes of your health concerns.” ~ Elizabeth

“Zee certainly has the tools to help you deconstruct your mess and rebuild on a good foundation. If you do the work she asks of you, you will reach the goals you set. She’s a tremendous support.” ~ Aperque

“Just when you think you might be the only one with an issue, talk to Zee and you’ll find out that you’re not alone!” ~ Melissa

“If you’re looking for a friend that listens well, hears what you are trying to say, loves you the way you are, AND has the tools to help you reach your goals, use Zee! She has a beautiful way of helping you see how beautiful and amazing you are RIGHT NOW and helping you embrace the challenge of reaching your goals while feeling empowered!” – C.G.

“Zee is amazing. She helps you dig deeper within you and discover things about yourself you were not even aware of. As a coach, she has helped me develop tools to address different areas of my life, resulting on better health and a happier me. Working with Zee I have been able to create different strategies to deal with the issues I was having and develop a systematic approach to deal with whatever happens next. She is supportive and encouraging while keeping you accountable. It has been a great privilege to work with Zee.” ~ Liz Noonan

“Professional, kind, sympathetic to your needs, helpful.” ~ K.F.

Coach Mentor

“My experience with Zee has been incredible. She has helped me to figure out who my ideal client is, my vision and mission, and how I want to shape my coaching business. Before I started Zee’s class, my thoughts were scattered all over the place and I was overwhelmed in trying to figure out how to get my coaching business off the ground. Now I have a clear vision on where I want to take my business and a blueprint to get help get me there. Thanks Zee!” ~ Wendy Neal, Kickoff Wellness

“Zee has been an educated, professional, extremely intelligent mentor and role model to many of her co-students at IIN,as well as clients in private practice. It is rare that she cannot answer a health related question, and even if she can’t, she will find the answer and respond to questions within an hour or two, and provide information and resources in great depth. She is selfless and driven in her pursuit to help others She is also extremely gifted and talented, and I am proud and honored to have had the opportunity to know her and to learn and grow with her. Anyone who has the opportunity to benefit from her services should take advantage of that opportunity. She is a shining star not likely to have openings for very long. Catch her while you can!” ~ Penny C.

“As a group mentor/teacher, not only does she present the content but she makes sure to address every single person’s concern and stumbling block. If you take her classes, you will have to put some work in but she will make sure that you dig way deeper than you ever imagined and achieve major breakthroughs. After taking her class I have way more clarity on what I want to focus on as a health coach. As a mentor, she helped me to develop clarity on where I want to go with my business and how to do it. She is incredibly generous with her time and just an incredible person to be around. Working with Zee in any capacity is a great privilege that should not be taken lightly.” ~ Elizabeth

“I would be so lost without her support and knowledge of nutrition as well as what I need to create a business. Just a super person to work with as well as an individual with real concern for my success. So happy to have met and work with Zee in all aspects of my career.” ~ Rita Johnson

“Zee is an incredible coach and mentor. Not only has she helped me research health issues but also protocols for dealing with them. She is organized, thorough and compassionate. Zee is always willing to help or steer you in the right direction. I would not hesitate a second to recommend Zee!” ~ Donna B.

“I was in Zee’s HCE101 coaching class. She is phenomenal. The course was very well laid out. She has helped me to see things inside myself that I was unable to see. I highly recommend her.” ~Pam J.

‘Uhane Flow Course

“Zee is a profound teacher of wisdom. ‘Uhane Flow helped me to find answers in the stillness of my own core knowing…a place where we are conjoined with the creative source of all life. Zee helped to give me great tools as I followed the process to transcend my limitations.” ~ Susan L.

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