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Welcome, I’m glad you could join me!

One of the things I know is that even coaches need a coach. And mentoring other coaches is a big part of what I do.

Mentoring is a process where I work with you to discover your strengths, define your needs, refine your goals, hone your techniques and skills, and improve your ability to give your clients the help they need.  We’ll work on understanding your obstacles and find how to transform them into opportunities to learn and improve your skills, as a coach and as a business owner.

Basically, my job as a mentor is to provide the tools, leverage, and insight to help you Get Out Of Your Own Way.

Each person’s path and needs are different, so there’s no one “right answer”. It’s a journey beginning where you are now, and through a process of discovery, determining what works best for you. Together, we’ll discover your best answers, and you’ll develop the skills to really make those answers work.

Depending on your personal needs, we might work on coaching or business skills, marketing strategies, social media presence, or health tools and information.  We often work on Mindset – on understanding how your ideas and reactions can transform both your business and your client’s outcomes. The world can be a mirror, bringing us client who struggle with our own issues.  The more of our own issues we can resolve, the more help we can be to them.  Sometimes things as simple as a time management strategy, or getting clearer focus can make all the difference. Or you might be struggling to help a particular client, and we can look at ways to help them move their wellness forward. Just like our clients, we sometimes need to work on stress management or releasing old ideas.  Whatever your challenges are, we will work on finding solutions that you can effectively employ.

Are you ready? Then contact me and let’s begin!

I can help with:

  • Improving your coaching skills
  • Defining your niche
  • Getting your mindset clear and powerful
  • Assisting with client challenges
  • Managing your time and stress
  • Improving your on-line presence
  • Setting goals
  • Time management
  • Reaching your ideal audience
  • Building your business

Read about my journey here: Because… what if it’s really serious? 

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