Labs, Testing and Genetic Info Resources

Ready to dive in? Here’s a (growing) list of pages, people, plans, blogs, books, schools and other resources I’ve found interesting, helpful, enlightening, and sometimes even life-changing.  If you have one to add that’s not listed here – something that’s changed your life and helped you Get to Healthy – let me know!

Testing Resources

  • 23 and Me – Genetic marker testing, including predisposition to some diseases, genotypes for metabolism and exercise, and a whole lot of other interesting stuff.  Home test kit using saliva, so this is easy and painless to do.
  • Genetic Testing FAQ – Answers from the NIH (National Human Genome Research Institute) about what genetic testing can (and can’t) do, and what it can tell you.
  • Genetic Direction – An analysis of your genetic testing results with an eye towards health, diet, weight loss, fitness, and aging.  You can use your 23 And Me profile data, or have them test your genes directly.

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