Become a Health Coach / Advanced Training

Ready to dive in? Here’s a (growing) list of pages, people, plans, blogs, books, schools and other resources I’ve found interesting, helpful, enlightening, and sometimes even life-changing.  If you have one to add that’s not listed here – something that’s changed your life and helped you get healthy – let me know!

Herbalist Training

  • New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies – Excellent on-line school with certificate courses in a variety of sizes from small to doctorate.  Studies in nutrition, health, herbalism, naturopathy, holistic and other non-traditional methods.  This is where I’m currently training for my Medical Herbalist’s certification.

Health Coaching Schools and Advanced Training

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Comprehensive on-line program for Integrative Nutrition and Health Coaching with a focus on bio-individuality and discovering what works for each individual.  This is where I’m currently training for my Health Coach certification.

Other Training

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