Find a Functional Medicine Doctor or Clinic

Ready to dive in? Here’s a (growing) list of pages, people, plans, blogs, books, schools and other resources I’ve found interesting, helpful, enlightening, and sometimes even life-changing.  If you have one to add that’s not listed here – something that’s changed your life and helped you in Getting to Healthy – let me know!

Doctors and Clinics

  • The Living Proof Institute – This is the Functional Medicine clinic I’m working with, I am MASSIVELY impressed, very knowledgeable, resourceful, they know their stuff and they LISTEN. They are in Ohio and in Canada, but they can work with clients anywhere in the world.
  • Dr. Jared Seigler – My functional medicine doctor, with the Living Proof Institute.  I’m *thrilled* with Dr. Seigler and his team.  I am feeling genuinely hopeful that together were going to get my health back on track.
  • Dr. Sachin Patel – Dr. Patel is the head of the Living Proof Institute. While I haven’t worked directly with him, I’ve watched some of his videos and everything he says resonates with my experience and what I’m learning about health, healing and wellness.
  • Living Well Health and Wellness Center – Functional Medicine in Dallas / Ft. Worth area.  A friend of mine has had remarkable success in getting a nearly full remission from MS symptoms with this group.
  • The Ultra Wellness Center – This is the group Dr. Hyman, one of the most well known Functional Medicine doctors, practices out of.  They’re in Lenox, MA.


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