Experts, Blogs and Podcasts

Ready to dive in? Here’s a (growing) list of pages, people, plans, blogs, books, schools and other resources I’ve found interesting, helpful, enlightening, and sometimes even life-changing.  If you have one to add that’s not listed here – something that’s changed your life and helped you gethealthy – let me know!

Blogs and Experts

  • Dr. Mark Hyman – Listening to an interview with this author, physician, and Medical Knowledge Heretic was my turning point.  His views and commentary completely lined up with my frustrating and massively disappointing experience trying to get help from the conventional medical system.  He was the first doctor who said things that I had experienced… and who gave me information that actually helped.  Chronic disease and Functional Medicine focus, related to Paleo / Primal. And also to Vegan… Dr. Hyman calls it P(aleo-V)egan. Pegan.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple – Daily updates and tons of reference links pointing to studies that support his commentary.  On my Read-It-Daily list. Primal focus.
  • Nerd Fitness – Tons of practical and do-able advice, with a focus on things-you-can-actually-make-work. Lots of well referenced information, links to studies and sources, and a healthy dose of why-it-works for those of us with a craving for such things.  Steve’s focus is Primal/Paleo-ish, but with lots of room for Making It Work For You.
  • Fat Burning Man – Lots of well-sourced information, engaging and informative.  Abel is an enjoyable speaker to listen to, and he interviews some leading-edge folks.  The front-end of his site is just a bit pitch-heavy, but he walks his talk and it’s a pleasure to learn from him. Wild Diet focus.


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